Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Has Sprung

The last of the late winter snow is melting off, and the critters are coming out of their winter quarters.  Gathered around the bird feeders in the back yard today were seen 4 chipmunks frolicking in and out of their hole, two gray squirrels greed fully chomping up seeds spilled from the bird feeders (one was actually seen hanging upside down by its tail as it scrapped out the contents of the feeder onto the rim and then to the ground), a rabbit hopped by on the perimeter, a pair of doves wandered around area, and multiple smaller birds were diving in and out to lunch on the rest of the seeds the squirrels had spilled all around the yard.   In the background, you can hear the rat-ta-ta-ta-tat of a woodpecker working on a tree down by the fence line, the warbling call of another singer, and see the first shoots of the bulbs poking their heads out of the rapidly departing snow.  The resident ground hog hasn’t been up yet today, nor has the very old skunk affectionately called “Yellow Beard” for its dingy off color streak across its back, but then he likes to patrol at night. 

For me that means it’s time to start planning the garden, preparing the lawn mower, and cleaning up the branches, twigs, and bush shed leaves from the winter’s winds passing through.  With the advent of warmer weather, it’s also time to start planning more outdoor activities, getting out of the house, and enjoying the great outdoors.

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