Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Solar on the Road

You’re off to see the country in your rolling home on wheels and looking forward to finding that perfect spot to stop, sit back, and enjoy the scenery, peace and quiet.  So you follow your plan, hit the road, and look for that perfect place.  You find a wonderful overlook, with a spacious parking area, a beautiful view, and set up for the night.  Then you crank up the generator to run the battery and turn on the TV to watch the latest news.  But your spouse is annoyed by the noise of the auxiliary generator running all the time, and lets you know about it.  

Now, you can charge the batteries while the engine is running and you are on the road, but when you don’t run the engine or the auxiliary generator, you are not charging the batteries, rather you are drawing power and depleting them. Not only that, when you run the generators you are using up precious (and expensive) gasoline. 

Your solution, use solar panels on the roof, or portable solar panels to charge the batteries without having to use the generators.  They are quiet, easy to use, and as long as there is light, they can be your go-to source of power for most all of your on the go electrical needs.

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