Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Power is out, Now What?

What do you do when the power is off, you are out of batteries, and your phone needs charging?  Use a Portable Solar Panel and charger and let the sun be your go-to energy source.  Portable Solar Panels and Chargers allow users to both run and recharge their handheld devices through their USB ports. 

Portable Solar Chargers can recharge themselves whenever Sunlight or other bright lights are available. As a source of emergency power for small devices, Portable Solar Chargers can be a lifesaving tool for travelers, hikers, and other away from home excursions. They can be a great item for campers, survival packs, and other emergency supply boxes. No need to carry an extra supply of batteries.

Easy to carry, light weight, and compact, economical Portable Solar Panels and Chargers are an ideal way to insure you always have a backup power source for your portable needs.  Portable Solar Panels and Chargers can provide power for tablets, GPS, smart phones, portable game systems, action cameras, dash cams and most USB devices. You can even recharge your MP3 player and power your portable Bluetooth speaker when away from home.

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